Interior Decorating Services

T Michael is a full-service office mover, designer, installer and liquidator. We’ve been offering these services since 1993. Learn more about the services we offer below and contact us for a quote online or by phone.

Office Movers

T Michael plans and executes office relocations throughout the country. Why is hiring an experienced office mover so important? Every facet of your business depends on the functionality of your office and capacity for your staff to meet, communicate and perform their jobs. Moving interrupts all of these necessary processes. T Michael only serves businesses. Don’t trust a less specialized mover with such an important task.

Installation and Design

T Michael is available to support new furniture installation. Since the configuration of furniture doesn’t plan itself, T Michael also offers office design in a streamlined process.



When you hire T Michael as your office furniture installer, you can also get an intermediary place to put office furniture as it arrives until you’re ready for installation. We also offer storage space in our temperature controlled warehouse for furniture that’s not currently in use. Learn more about our warehousing services


Used Office Furniture

Bolster your bottom line by considering used office furniture from T Michael. No one will know the difference! Learn more about buying or selling used office furniture.