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Who is T Michael? We’re a full-service office furniture design and installation company based out of Denver, CO. Learn more about who we are and what we offer below.

Since 1993, T Michael has been helping offices nationwide through periods of transition. Whether that be moving, growing or downsizing, let our experience help you refine workflows, reduce clutter and improve employee morale with an optimized office.

T Michael is available to increase or reduce the number of workstations in an office, repair existing workstations or design a new office configuration using the existing office furniture you already have.

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We make offices work.
Don’t trust a less specialized mover.

Your office is the most integral facet of your business. Every function of your business happens out of your office and any changes to your office inherently impact your bottom line. Why trust a less experienced mover with something so important? At T Michael, offices are all we serve. We are a full-service company supporting all office operations. This includes office moves, office expansion, office downsizing, office closures and new office openings. Learn more about what we do and then give us a call!


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Offices Designed for Workflow, Furniture Installed by Professionals

In addition to office moving, we have been designing offices nationwide since 1993. When expanding or reducing the size and scope of your personnel, your furniture will change. With T Michael, this is done strategically, effectively and attractively.

Need storage space for your new furniture?

One need that is often unaccounted for when businesses get new furniture: where do you put the furniture as it ships, before installation? Frequently, especially when buying from multiple office furniture companies, new furniture ships over a period of days or weeks. T Michael offers temperature controlled warehousing for just this purpose.

Improve your bottom line: go with used furniture!.

Are you expanding your staff? Consider purchasing used office furniture from T Michael! Our temperature controlled facility stores gently used office furniture purchased from businesses just like yours. If you’re downsizing, consider selling us your used furniture!